Did you know that pet rats behave differently from their wild counterparts depending on how many generations they have been kept as pets? Wild rats live to forage and mate. Whereas, a rat in captivity develops space for other activities such as basic tricks. A wild rat showed up dead outside my door. Be careful where you forage.

The wild rat wasn’t the first to die this week. First, it was the Northern Mockingbird. My bird. That death hurt. From the bird, I mastered the art of becoming a “many-tongued mimic.” It’s not often someone can sing my song... and me, theirs. Realizations occur when you read between the lines, don’t they?

Today, hope is here. The values of my heart exposed, and still I stand tall. There’s a new chain. Found on the sidewalk, it’s silver just the same.. just longer and stronger. I can have it all. I bleed during the full moon. Lick it up my sadistic pet. Live for me.

Remember though, I will never email you. It's my absence that makes you love me. Stay under the umbrella. That's an order.

Xoxo, Yetti

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