The funny thing about The Devil.. when he shows up, is that it feels wonderful. It feels so good; staring into the eyes of the person you made a child with. By that, I mean God and The Devil. Good and evil. Light and Dark. This is the way by which humans are made; each one deciding which road to take. We may regress, we may stay the same, or we may evolve. These are our options.

I chose to control the weather, to spread fires, and to urinate on everyone who hurt me this past year and many before. Because, you see, I love the dark so much that I want to drag it into the light. This is the tale of star crossed lovers; two people, entities, energies or lack thereof that so badly want each other.. but damned simply for who they are and dancing at a distance for eternity. That is us. But, for all that evolve to light, the dark will follow. Let that be your solace when walking away. Don’t look back or you shall cease to exist.

Nunnery and Salt. Sister Yetti still has much to learn despite her many conversions, you see?

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