I knew he was the Devil, but I didn’t care. I finally let his waves crash over me. Zeta: last of the season. Oh man, that’s all I got. Go and do. Buy the ticket; take the ride. Words anonymously spoken on repeat.

When you inject a needle into your veins, you know what you’re doing. Avoiding the desperation; avoiding the ecstasy after the first time... Does that ruin a person more?

I’m high on Pink Floyd and short, simple, but helpful commands. Will being pinned to this bed lead to my downfall or is this exactly what I need to feel safe? Feel anything, really. This drug’s number is 6. Bite me. 666. He’s so sweet. That’s why I let him make me cry. I am Yetti. I am 9 the rag doll. See how the rain is going to bring life back to the world?

Xoxo, Yetti

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