Battle of the Bastards

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new chapter in my political journey. The Battle of the Bastards begins. Jon Snow has called out to me after our recent discovery. It's time to end the denial of royal blood. All of you will see the truth when you gaze upon my face. Your nose will pick up the scent.

Short lived basic friendships are lovely, but it's longevity I crave. I'm taking over with my half uncle. Why should I sit and rot when you live in a castle? I shouldn't. I'm glad you agree. Yetti is going to be Kim Kardashian! Freaky Fridashian. Except, it will be Tuesday.. but I proclaimed everyday Tuesday a long time ago.. so it's basically Friday.

This is a new Alice in Wonderland coming into fruition. I have been chasing the White Rabbit. He's late. Always late, but so was I. What matters, we are here now to claim the throne from the Queen of Hearts! We will heal the hearts of the land without medical attention. This is an awakening. Wake up, Alice. I've been mistaken for a bitch, but I'm not. I am The Cheshire Cat. Don't you see my smile?

Xoxo, Yetti

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