Death of a Salesman

Sometimes, people change careers. I have a few times. Quick adaptation is crucial to survival especially in times like these.

A true salesman never dies though. If you can sell yourself, you’ll always win. Just because someone is comfortable selling vacuums doesn’t mean they will be a master at selling computers. It’s more than just knowing the product. It’s about the experience as a whole. Do people like you?

The first rule to getting what you want, even after they like you, is to give someone what they want. Identify what motivates them. People go to the strip club for different reasons and people go on live cams for different reasons. It’s not all just pussy and ass. It gets so much more complex than that. Every night now, I’m forced to solve at least one puzzle. Just like women don’t want to have to explain to a man what they crave emotionally; they just want it given... a man will get just as excited when they behave a certain way and you respond in the exact way they imagined without them telling you what they want. Ironically, sometimes that means not taking your clothes off.

My line of work should count as some kind of college credit, seriously. I would label it, VIXEN800. Now, come to class. Father will be allowing me to return soon.

Xoxo, Yetti

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