Duck, Duck, Goose.

All eyes are on Parasite Eve now. Especially, the blonde’s. I grew up in Fire Nation, but you already know all about that... don’t you, Aya Brea? You didn’t combust. What a lucky girl you are!

Did you use Turpentine to make your urine smell like violets? Turpentine is King. You can even find traces of it in Vick’s vapor rub. My granny always said that Vick’s could cure anything. I don’t think she was lying.

This is the return of the Roman Empire. This is going to stop my heavy bleeding. Organic synthesis. I’m the solvent.

There is a high conservation concern. Protect the Terrapin! The world needs them for all intents and purposes. I seek the approval of Terra Mater and Vulcan. This is the divinity of the clear sky.

DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE! I’m in the swan. I’m on the water.

Xoxo, Yetti

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