Emergency Announcement!

A devastating event has occurred. At least two people are dead, twenty injured, and one pissed the seat of her car. The last person would be me. I'm serious. The Hard Rock Hotel under construction in New Orleans, LA has collapsed and caused chaos amongst citizens and tourists alike.

Because of extensive road blocks throughout the CBD area, I was unable to find parking in usual locations in a timely manner which completely threw off my pee schedule. A combination of my intense urge to pee, no restroom, and the tragic news resulted in a hit and run of a homeless man and a wet car.

As a state, we cannot hold off any longer. I will be putting my head to work in the upcoming weeks to find a temporary solution to the sewage infrastructure of New Orleans until proper plans can be made to fix the cause of this collapsed building. We cannot allow all of our buildings to start collapsing due to fluid buildup underground. I give you my word that I will save this city.

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Xoxo, Yetti

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