I was going to rent Fatima, but it was $19.99 so fuck that shit. I watched The Matrix, Butterfly Effect, and I’m about to get down with the Blair Witch Project instead. Making moves and saving money, spin on that Marian Apparition!

I’ve been soaking in a lot of classical history lately. Lady Gaga must be too. Her performance in the ‘911’ music video was riveting (the red dress!); a true dedication to Santa Muerta. Although, I’ve concluded that the Virgin Mary and Our Lady of the Holy Death are one in the same.

News FLASH! All Of The Lights - Kanye ft. Rihanna, Kid Cudi (The video has been known to trigger epilepsy episodes.) I used to dance on stage at the strip club every night I worked for like a year when it came out. Energy! Should I put my nun outfit on or is it time for the red dress yet?

Hurricane Sally took a detour around New Orleans and all I had to do was sing the “Sally Walker” nursery rhyme.. a bit like Iggy Azalea.. in once again, red!

I’ve been experimenting with polyester casting resin. I created the most beautiful black rose. I’m the political pissing strategist. I orchestrated the musical BIRTHDAY PARTY! It was ME! The demons surrounding Kanye West have heard me. The law of 4 who is 67….


Xoxo, Yetti

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