August 6, 2021 coincides with a special mission. We’re being hunted. More people like us exist. They want to find us. Sam Winchester.

Sammy is Tigerman. There’s something in his blood. He owns five girls because of reverse blackmail, but I’m the succubus? He’s Lucifer.

9931-2473–0034-1729 CRD. I was never a money hungry demon. I don’t perform black magic. I have unlocked my own brain and the power of manifestation. We all have super powers. Who else has discovered this? I’m here.

I have a message. A dead frog found in my car this week. Driver’s side. This crystal frog prince, stolen from a house party by someone years ago. Who’s the frog? What does this mean? Guard me. Architecture.

Xoxo, Yetti

Instagram & Twitter @brooyetti

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