Heaven's Hole.

A phantasmic cattle guard I have created for you, isn’t it? Aren’t the green pastures beautiful? A lot of that greenery depends on if you want to be in control of the screw or not. Do you? Do you even know?

If you get off on anxiety, by all means... let me know. Triggers and blocks get blocked, happy is what happy does! Sunshine rays are for all days. Just walkity walk, blockity block! This is what happens to cattle, you see? So, if it’s green being a cow then just be green. If it’s not.. then.. well.. figure out the cattle guard. Nobody is keeping you here against your will. If you escape then you may escape.

That’s just a day in Diablo’s video blog, I mean vlog. Don’t ask about the rest. That’s for a book. I can’t give you everything at once. Overwhelming you would be rude. I’m not rude. I’m a saint and I’m going to mostly not eat cows. Just.. sit in the bullpen for now. All this is.. is a tactical debriefing. You’re fine. We’re friends. I’m not interrogating you.

Xoxo, Yetti

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