Sdntn. Look, I tried my hand at decoding. It was an epic fail. The answer was “Scotty Doesn’t Know” except he didn’t want to fuck. He just wants to watch me pee.

A high ranking military official has his eyes on me. He doesn’t know if I actually controlled the weather or not because my method was plausible according to books I’ve never read.

To be honest with you, Scotty, I don’t even know if I did. I’m just bored and playing around so if you’d like to witness one of my tricks.. sure might be fun, but don’t count on me for some major battle moves. I don’t make promises because I don’t like not being able to keep them. Fair enough?

If you’re reading this and I’m spot on... my pendulum told me.. ok. I think I have it trained now that I’m letting it watch me masturbate, but again.. idk?

All I know, is I’ve fallen ill since I came across this dead fish.

Xoxo, Yetti

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