Have you ever been hooked on something? You are now. The addiction is mutual. This hook came across my path this week around the same place the chain was discovered. Is this the fishing rod I needed to reel you in for good? It is.

The fish hook in Maori tradition symbolizes prosperity and safe travel over water. Water always defeats fire, doesn't it? The Maori were very reliant on the bounty they caught from the sea to survive. Wearing the hook shows respect.

From the beginning of my YouTube channel, I created videos depicting different emotions.. one right after the other. I used fractionation on you; a series of highs and lows. This method was used in CIA mind control programs at one point. It's a method also used in Hollywood stories to capture your attention. This is why a movie can make you laugh and cry and you'll continue to watch it again and again. When my YouTube channel was suspended, that was the ultimate low. After creating a bond with me online, and losing me.. the devastation set in, didn't it? Now that you have me back on and you are able to see and feel these highs and lows again, but now I'm topless as well... the high is stronger, isn't it? This bond between you and I is an addiction and it's growing, but I promise you.. it's safe here.

Xoxo, Yetti

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