Hurricane Ida

Although it’s been mandatorily suggested, I won’t be taking a road trip to Idaho. In fact, I’m not going anywhere. I’m riding this one out.. even if my famous last words are, “Hit me baby one more time.” Why control the weather? Why run? Why fight? I’m tired; caught in some quantum entanglement. Is this part of the #FreeBritney movement and is it the best option or is it not?

The Big Bang Theory proven in New Jersey or Louisiana.. I’m not entirely sure.. ripples.. afraid of being debilitated by spook addresses and imaginary friends. So, I stay put.. sapped, maybe.. or maybe not. Can stone be melted? I’ll ask Black Widow if her little stunt with Disney will get her blacklisted or if she even cares anymore. What a Marvel! Skoal.

Would you take that damn ascot off and admit your nom de plum yet? Mr. Adonis Tee! I’m talking to you. Get off of your Statin Island horse named Creckles in Illinois and do some stretching. Static vs. Dynamic. What is the purpose of this blueprint?

I’ll be listening to the storm carefully. I have a newfound interest in Quantifying the Role of Prosody in the Perception of Deception. So, get your linear way of thinking out of here… the Lone Wolf drinking Tiger Blood. Now, clap your hands for "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

Xoxo, Yetti

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