I think that everyone enjoys compliments, especially when they are genuine. Cheyenne reached out to me on Instagram and her compliment about my blog made me feel really good inside. She shared her YouTube channel with me. Being the Curious George that I am, I started watching and was sucked in instantaneously.

Watch this video:

Did you notice her door knobs? When I saw them, I knew this was the universe communicating with me. Not only because her door knobs were the same as the ones in my own home, but my grandfather actually gifted me with a door knob that looked exactly like this as well. The door knob was from his original office. That office opened doors for him to provide for all of us. I’ve always wanted to be just like him. I’m excited for the new discoveries and openings that are awaiting me in life.

I found the five commas at the end of her video very interesting. I paused. The number five has to do with love, marriage, and loyalty. I went the entire day yesterday wondering what new beginnings were going to take place in who’s love life. You won’t believe what happened after that!

A man alone at the bar that night at work caught my eye. He was seven weeks into a divorce. That was the one for the evening. I made most of my money that night from him. Something he said during our conversation stuck out to me though, green crack. I looked it up. It’s a type of hybrid marijuana that was bred by inbreeding skunk #1.

Little did he know, I’m actually the product of inbreeding myself. My great, great grandparents on my mother’s side were first cousins. That’s also the blood line that can be traced back to Irish/Scottish royalty. So basically, this guy was trying to attack a queen with his spray. He didn’t spray me. I mean, does this guy even know who I am?

Xoxo, Yetti

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