Hotel Indigo

You know when life is just stressing you the fuck out and you can't wait to get away from everything and everyone, but shit keeps popping up and throwing off your original course of action? This day was totally that day. My timing was perpetually off.

I had never been so ready to check in and make my way to the hotel bar. Well, at 10:10 I was about 10 minutes too late for the hotel bar. Lucky for me, there was a bar right next door. IGOR'S was the most monumental part of the trip. It was a dirty dive bar with a drunk blonde bartender. Can it get any better than that? Actually, it can. I met the creme de la creme of homeless men. His name was Dwayne "The Umbrella Guy" Walker. He never asked for a single penny; just kept saying he was famous and could balance an umbrella on his nose. I left him with the words "You are doing whatever you have to do to live the life you want to live, and I respect that" and five dollars. I don't think I'll ever forget him.

My room at Indigo Hotel was slightly forgettable. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the room, but something about it was generic. It's like they really tried to make it artsy, but somewhere a mark was missed and it still breathed chain hotel. Luckily, I was drunk enough from IGOR'S to make the $123.01 room worth it and create the best content to date for my website. The extensions helped me feel extra sexy too.

Check out all the content from my trip here:

Now, I'm going to warn you.. at some point this month a video will be released labeled "Blood Hound" ..just be careful ok? I heard that menstruation blood was a fetish and I decided to turn a negative situation into a positive one. It's expensive, but I heard this kind of stuff was rare so I thought what the hell! It's just like finger painting, right?

Xoxo, Yetti

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