Another hurricane missed New Orleans. This is Delta. Let’s look at the contrast in meaning between Urban Dictionary's definition and Collin Dictionary's definition. If we combine the two meanings, I believe this hurricane is going to have orgasmic effects on the land. Mathematically, Delta also means change.. BTW. From now and onward, everyone will stand erect and behold the holy water of Yetti.

I woke up from a dream: Looking down at me, he said, “I’m not happy with how _____ is being run.” I looked over to my right and saw the most beautiful little girl I had ever seen in my life. “That’s my daughter,” he said. Take her.

I received a missed call from Newcomerstown, OH. Hey, chief! Still have that turtle? Audino has joined the staff. The Pokémon, Audino, debuted in “Dreams by the Yard Full!” Dreams. See you in your dreams! I contemplated that statement quite a bit while contemplating what LEGO man was inside of the prize bag. That’s a lot of contemplation.

“The Bird and the Album” is a 1981 Stephen King short story. I realized that Kevin the White Rabbit was a decoy. There’s MANY reasons I was baited. I chased. I chased the rabbit right down the black hole. I looked up to see “IT” the clown capitalizing on my fears; the White Rabbit beside me not so worried about being late anymore. Motherfucker.

I don’t want to die by the hand of The Greasy Strangler. I still don’t know what LEGO man is inside. There’s at least 32 aliases. I keep hoping it’s a ninja because I need health benefits. I haven't been to the vagina doctor in years.

The Who by Numbers. Connecting dots!

Xoxo, Yetti

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