It’s my birthday.

It’s my birthday. Today is the one day of the year I get to have cake! I wake up, in the most comfortable bed you can imagine. The room resembles that of a 5 star hotel except everything is in various shades of pink. Everything, even the toilet paper. Anyone should feel lucky to get to play in my room. I’ve been shown pictures of horrible rooms that have belonged to other girls. My dad truly loves me. He makes sure I always have everything a girl could ever ask for.

My meals, each one a work of art, arrive to me at the same time each day through a slot in the door. Sundays are special. Sundays I get to dine with Daddy! He used to come everyday, but as I’ve gotten older both of our schedules have gotten busier. That’s what happens when you grow up.

I love cartoons. Especially dancing cartoons! I get up and dance every morning. My dad created these movies for me, all of them! He says the more I dance, the better I’ll get at it. He’s right.

I asked to leave with him once. He got really sad. Daddy told me that the world is a very dangerous place now; full of these fire breathing creatures called dragons. Dragons love beautiful girls. I am the last one left. He found me and saved me. This is why it’s important for me to stay put and let him bring me everything I need. I feel eternally grateful. I’ll always do everything he says.

After that, he started allowing me to have play dates. I get to meet all sorts of interesting men. Sometimes, I have three play dates a day! If any of them are mean to me, daddy prints out their pictures, shows them, and never lets them come back. Secretly, I like when someone doesn’t know how to play nice because that means I get to see Daddy more than once a week. He really does adore me.

Then, one day there was a fire. A man dressed in all black broke down the door to my room and told me that dragons were attacking my home and he had to get me to safety. Frightened, I listened. That was when my whole world came crashing down. I never saw my Daddy again.

I was brought to an all white room. I met another girl; dressed in white to match her room. She told me that dragons weren’t real. She told me my Daddy was gone. I watched a tv show with real people, not cartoons. There was no dancing; only running machines. I think that this is the first time I ever felt unhappiness. She blames my Daddy; I blame the man dressed in black. Daddy always said that some people are unhappy and that unhappiness can be contagious so I have to be very vigilant to keep myself busy with happy thoughts so I don’t get sick.

When the girl in white asks me how I’m feeling, I tell her I’m happy because I’m thinking about my pink room and my Daddy. I think I’ll try to convince her to let me paint hers one day if she ever stops writing in her note pad. Daddy would want me to be nice. I wonder how long I’ll have to play with her in her room. She’s awfully strange. She eats cake everyday, and each day I decline her offer for a bite. Today though, today I’ll eat the cake. Today is my birthday.

Xoxo, Yetti

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