Jung Residences

I’ve stayed at The Jung Hotel before. A long time ago; before I started doing hotel reviews. I loved it back then. Jung Residences on the other hand, steer clear.

The Residences are managed through Sonder so the hotel can do absolutely nothing for you in regards to your stay. Well, I did get a free drink ticket for the bar. I needed it bad after standing at the front desk on the phone with Sonder for an hour and being questioned about my stay since I have a local address. Unfortunately, the “free drink card” only covered $7.00 of the $15.00 Tito’s, Soda with a lime cost. The whole thing was ridiculous, really.

After that whole escapade, I arrive at the door to my room only to have to call Sonder again. The key pad code I was given had to be reset. At that point, I had a serious migraine and wasn’t in the mood to create sexy content at all. The $174.20 that once seemed like a deal for an entire condo became irrelevant and I would have paid double for convenience. At least there was free coffee.

You’ll see that this month on I was grumpy because I didn’t even unpack my camera. I shot everything with my iPhone. Where are my amateur lovers at?! Lol

Oh yeah, and the bath tub didn’t come with a stopper. So that last thread of excitement I was holding onto in the form of a bubble bath, busted. I should have taken a piss in the bed.

Xoxo, Yetti

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