There’s an overlapping area of yin and yang; it’s called the grey area. Anonymity in this space only exists if someone doesn’t or does have the right friends. Who can remain anonymous? Is it you or they? Or, maybe… we’ve all been made aware of each other. What a world it is; an Amazon Marketplace if I’ve ever seen one!

Let me tell you one thing, this isn’t a threat.. but, this isn’t a “Bridge To Nowhere” either. Take the 9th Circle. You could put all my favorite things in a pile and chant sweet nothings to whoever your god is, but at the end of the day… my god is me.

You see, I take neither the side of The Holy Spirit or Satan. I am a product of both. So, if you possess the genetics of both good and evil… wouldn’t that make a human being capable of creating and controlling another realm all of their own? THE GREY AREA! Siri! Alexa! It’s girl’s night, bitches!

Oh man, all you people are all insane. I’m going forth with Yettism and creating the Chinocorns…. A new race of male through genetic alterations with dicks for chins! I have a feeling it’s really going to sit right. This is what you get when you try to burn a cat sized rat in Bangkok. You just got Yetti’ed. I tough love you. Goodbye.

Xoxo, Yetti

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