"No man ever steps in the same river twice. Because it is not the same river. And he is not the same man." ...a quotation from "DEVS" on Hulu.

If it’s true this changes everything, no it doesn’t.. that’s the point.

The entire world as we know it is a Front Organization if we are being entirely honest with eachother. Can we be honest with eachother without destroying the other? I hope so. Linguistically speaking, there are things and these things can be dominoes.. mazes.. truth or lies based on ones own agenda. How can you know someone’s agenda? Who do we tend to always believe? Tendencies. I whistle past the grave yard.

I’m no psychologist or maybe I am, but I have seen the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with my very own eyes. I’ve also been accused of splitting hairs. Apparently, there’s 11 ways to check a habitual line stepper, but I’m tired of checking. Your CSOD SYSTEM ID is visible. Six number lottery games are also predictable if you have the correct information. Do you have all the information?

The alchemy of it all is that everything has been done covertly so nobody can prove anything. Imagine only speaking to someone in code on Clash of Clans and then trying to explain it to someone later and being told you have Schizophrenia. These things exist. Power dynamics. Maybe what you saw is real, maybe it’s Deepfake Technology at its finest. You will have to figure that out for yourself, won’t you? You always do. You can’t help yourself. The Periscope is on the horizon for Si and Am. Der Tod und das Mädchen! The Amazonian and Mars; you may call me the Dog Whisperer. Would you like a glass of Aquafina?

Xoxo, Yetti

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