Have you ever gotten lyrics to a song completely wrong? Sun Models by ODESZA for instance, I’ve been singing “Come, wine and dine with us!” Except, I realized today that I’m way off. It goes like this, “Uh, love, waiting for love. Uh, love, I’m waiting for love, love, love.”

Wow. What a mix up! How does this happen? This is a question for the titular protagonist, Jerry Mouse, master of yin and yang. Apparently, he’s enchanted. He doesn’t believe in luck. Hard work and timing, maybe yes. He wouldn’t give up his stance even when I mentioned slot machines. I’d like to see this guaranteed win every time bullshit for myself.

Then, it was like what the fuck. A floor guy walks up with a white hoodie. I must be old because I’ve never seen a hoodie with a heart with two blue eyes on it as a brand logo, but here we go again with the hearts and the eyes popping up everywhere. Is the universe trying to send me messages that it loves me through unexpected visitors or something? Of course it is, enchanted!

A line from Recollections by Night Moves stands out to me. Jerry told me memorizing movie lines helps him de escalate situations. Well, here’s another lyric. “Don’t try to run, relation seen. Things aren’t always what they seem.”

Xoxo, Yetti

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