Manifesto of Mephisto

“Every man and every woman is a star.”

Sometimes, I hear the walls singing.. faint voices translating into light vibrations that echo under my skin, creating a black hole in my heart, and bringing me into a heavy enough state to produce one lingering tear... a tear I fight to hold back. Sitting, staying like a devout Catholic in a cilice... convinced her actions will make a divine difference, but will they or am I only mutilating myself? Forget it. Just bite the crabapple. Paraplegia. That is the tonic for the Law of Jante. The OPP hides in the morning glories.

“Do what thou wilt.”

Come take a ride on Mah Progeny Carousel; the last of a dying breed from OVNI. Artemis will bring the animals to my side or a ring around the rosie we all will go. I’d rather not be ashes. Wouldn’t you agree? Oh Star of Wonder, Star of Light.. the first Moniker we see tonight, slack jawed here during shirts vs. skins, I pray you be here, for glory begins.

“Love is the law, love under will.”

I made a digital impact on Linus Lector without falling in his black box of a sand trap. Don’t be glommed by the musical orgasms of anonymity. The Last Airbender! Stalemate. liber al vel legis. Here comes the falcon; dial 444 the bird is gaming in reverse now.

Xoxo, Yetti

Instagram & Twitter @brooyetti

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