Meet Alison.

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Friendships change over time as lives evolve for better or for worse, but into adulthood Alison's friendship is one that is longstanding and I cherish the most. The yin to my yang would be a great way to describe us. She lives her life in a completely different way than I do, but what brings us together is loyalty.

That's right you guys! Can you believe that a stripper has well educated friends outside of the stripper world? It's actually quite common nowadays.

Working directly under the Vice President of her department, Alison is a writer/research analyst for a global commercial scenting company. The company she works for is responsible for making sure many popular hotels, retail spaces, airports, etc. in more than 83 countries smell as good as you remember them time and time again! Yes, this girl right here helps put portfolios together that are presented world wide! She gets to travel a lot and I've been lucky enough to get to travel with her too!

In this photo, we took a vacation to Washington DC. My favorite part of the trip was visiting the National Gallery of Art. Our way of appreciating was to create funny stories around the expressions the people were making in the paintings. I'm glad we didn't get kicked out for laughing so much!

On a serious note, Alison does have published work. With a Bachelor of Arts in political science with a focus in political journalism and constitutional law, she's the real deal. Her piece on the #MeToo movement is worth a read:

The article doesn't get into her personal life; it's more on the informative side. However, she does have a #MeToo story that I was honored to have her share for my new YouTube reality series: Saved By Based God!

Alison will be featured in episode 1:

Xoxo, Yetti

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