Meet me at the clock.

There’s several reasons that cottonmouths hang around me.

  1. I’m tasty, obviously.

  2. I’ll let you figure out the rest.

I didn’t find a cottonmouth last night when I was digging up my flower bed though. I found a frog and cried tears of joy instantaneously. Two frogs, actually.. an adult and a baby. Let me explain..

I found a dead baby frog in my car last week. For some reason, it’s been stuck in my head. I’ve been in a rather reflective state lately anyway.. I kept the frog. The frog is inside of a plastic bag in my room.

Yesterday, I was at the craft store looking for candles. I leave with candles and a sack full of miniature bird house making equipment. The urge to get what wasn’t on my list was just too overwhelming.

It felt good to give in; succumb to my feelings. That made me think of love. Jack and Rose, water and fire. When two forces collide that are not supposed to exist together, but they do.. they form one.. this is called devil slayer magic. Devil slayers are resistant to the ultimate curse “Memento Mori.”

October 2018 I went to Voodoo Fest. A man did a ritual over me to aid me in releasing the things/people that no longer serve me. He instructed that I bury something of importance to me under a tree at the Voodoo Fest grounds by sunrise to honor the god of the west. I forgot. When I arrived back, I improvised. I buried a ring under a tree at my house. You know, after doing that.. spider lily leaves shot up in the shape of a letter... but never bloomed. (This was the ring I bought at a rock store in Austin, TX August 2018. I wore that ring for two months. It signified loving myself. I wore it on the same finger a bride would.)

Going back to the miniature bird houses I was making last night, I needed twigs for the birds to perch on. I went outside and suddenly decided that god was telling me to dig up that ring and put it inside the bird house. It was gone. I dug up every single spider lily bulb. The bulbs had started to duplicate. I buried new spider lily bulbs; transplanted the others where my hibiscus plant was. The frogs watched me intently the entire time. I hope they don’t blame me for their loss.

I have never believed in one correct overarching way of doing anything. All I wanted was love and immortality, but it turns out the only way for me to receive love is to make someone my slave. I realized the latter when I ate that yellow mushroom and didn’t get sick. Does this make me a cotton eyed devil or devil slayer?

Xoxo, Yetti

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