Cooter keeps changing his screen name on Streamate. At least, I think his name is Cooter… but, who really and actually knows who is who and what is what. Today, he could be BallZD33P696969 informing me that I’m a natural psychoanalyst. Tomorrow could be only ancestry DNA knows what, wearing a sombrero, recommending I read The Edison Gene: ADHD and the Gift of the Hunter Child by Thom Hartmann, and that maybe.. just maybe.. my “disorder” isn’t a disorder at all. So, by all means.. someone get me Tin Roof, Rusted so the lights will come back on.

Someone asked me how many personalities I had.. so, I responded with simply, “Mahjong.” You see, I’ve chosen a life where many would rather choose not to see my tactics, observations, memories, and adaptive strategies as anything worth anything at all. When really, what I’ve seen and what I’ve experienced and overcame in just 30 years could make most manly men seem weak and effeminate. This blog.. my existence.. it’s so much more than just an aphrodisiac, but like The Nightmare Before Christmas.. the worlds don’t mix.

I went more than 60 Days In, was mistook for one of those Mothers Who Can’t Love, danced with Ethel Merman, met Adam Ant, and saw the most sordid depiction of reality from what should have been the most trustworthy sources. I am no Carmen Miranda with a fruit basket hat. This is MAALIK, the guardian of Hell at the Bloomstack House. What is the enigma of the rule of nine? You might burn down here. Like The Keepers, do you keep your mouth shut or say something for maybe something or nothing? Never trust a Common Snook fisherman. TYS, or.. something. ARG; it could be an Alternate Reality Game or just a grunt of dissatisfaction… depending on how you look at it. Pick a spider lily; hold it close while you can. Fear, 1996. M-illitant Roots. What do you consider a good virtue, Machiavelli?

Explain the Seal of Solomon or any other symmetrical shape worshipped for eons and I’ll tell you to go look at a leaf or a flower. Consider this the Wealth of Nations for the future of modern moral standard unless all of you really enjoy singing about The Farmer in the Dell and would rather stay in a mud pit unbeknownstedly. RING, RING! “Ms. Smith from Monster Musume speaking. How may I help you?” Nymph, in thy orisons. BE ALL MY SINS REMEMBERED. I will be and shall not ask forgiveness. Are my Guts THAT Berserk? Why was Socrates forced to drink Hemlock? If I die, I am not dead. Mechatronics or Melanie Klein’s “play technique” come to mind. Who is the Svengali? Fredo Santana, Freddy Krueger, and The Harder They Fall.

Xoxo, Yetti

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