Merry Christmas.

If you received a RARE AND COLLECTIBLE Christmas card from me, count yourself as lucky. Originally, I intended to send them to every US Senator and US House of Representatives member. Somehow, I figured there were about 200 members in the House of Representatives, and figured out by Connecticut that I had a brain malfunction so I stopped there and started sending them out to friends, fans, and celebrities.

Receiving one of these cards means that you can now tell people you were on the same mailing list as Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, The Fat Jew, Charlie Sheen, and basically every major entertainment company. You're welcome! Although, I hope I had all the addresses correct because Miley Cyrus's card was already sent back to me as undeliverable. Sorry, Miley!

I'm looking forward to getting some responses. I just know there's more people out there that will appreciate my sense of humor. Merry Christmas and PEES ON EARTH!

Xoxo, Yetti

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