It’s time to put aluminum foil over the windows. Mr. Error 404 has arrived. Sometimes, making a friend is like downloading the Super Clean app. You think it’s good for your phone.. good for you, but it just ends up a mess of a disappointment. This was about the time I just said “huzzah” and started running. That’s what I do when something hurts, I run.. run until I sweat. Other times, running means that I’m silently frozen in time.. staring at my ceiling, never leaving my room and I’m not sure the HOA cares.

There’s a committee of people, they love toying with me. They or he or she. I don’t know. I have no idea what a cyber criminal is capable of beyond, toying. Apparently, a lot... much more than me. My attempts to extrapolate the situation cannot be proven, only pieced together like a jigsaw with a few missing.. an assumption or crazy paranoia to anyone but myself. So, I stay alone and quiet with my art, my writings.. right here, here in my room. Feeling like the population of Kamloops is out to get you, it makes a person.. less of a person. I need Steve Martin’s movie titles. Read them all chronologically, and then you will see and hopefully understand how my brain picks up on dropped hints... connecting dots. B&E. Is this a lesson on breaking and entering or business and economics? I’m not sure. Maybe, a little of both.

Make it impossible for a population to steal, and you are also stealing comfort from the trustworthy. Capitalism. Loopholes. “Lap up the dog water,” I heard. I never chewed a shoe. I never wanted to. Some dogs don’t. Some dogs are good, smart.. some dogs are not. A kennel isn’t always the answer. Is it? I suppose, if someone has my best interests in mind.. I’ll obey. Otherwise, why die in fear and slavery.. abused? Being feared doesn’t require maltreatment. Is this a diplomatic negotiation? I am not Darkness; the addictions of Sherlock Holmes, maybe. What would Louella Parsons say about all of this? We should ask her what she’s heard about malfeasance. This is the story of Bartleby and Loki in Wisconsin. Are we going to Jersey?

Xoxo, Yetti

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