Mr. Otter

There’s a demand for white women in the Middle East. The reason? Our voice. A man from Pakistan asked me, “Why don’t white women experience a change in voice during puberty?” I never thought about that before. I’m a white woman and I couldn’t even tell you if that generalized statement was true, but he was mesmerized.

A born again bachelor visiting America. That’s right. He married his wife when she was 12, but when she turned about 15 her voice became deeper. In disgust, he murdered her so that he could find another that sexually pleased him. Murder was his most logical answer. Why?

I think about that when I see that 100k diamond chain that political fixer was wearing. The models that look like they “made it” traveling the world, but you never see them in a Gucci ad. What are they doing? Is their companionship saving lives? Are their own lives in ruin? Who’s to ever know the inner workings of a situation? The chain could totally be a high end fake. Nobody in their right mind would wear that to Bourbon St.

Xoxo, Yetti

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