When people say “god moves in mysterious ways” I believe that. I buried an offering at the base of a tree once. I saw plants shoot up the day after in the shape of a letter. Don’t tell me that faith is all there is. Magic exists. It’s inside all of us. 🎶

Two Feet- Her Life🎶

Bryce Vine- Drew Barrymore🎶

Dennis Lloyd- Leftovers🎶

The Universe has seen your intentions. The stars are pleased with you. This is the first lifetime you have lived and put me first from the very beginning. There were many we lived before. There will be many we live after. When I break the key to Aquarius, another will always reappear. 🎶

I have already seen our next life. I saw it years ago. One day, I will be your daughter. My mother will have left us. We will be all that eachother has. Being responsible for me will tame you. You’ll be everything you always wanted to be because of the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.🎶

This is our destiny; to mold eachother. There will never be a world where we don’t meet. We will always exist in the same reality. Twin flames. Lucy’s trust in Natsu is blind. Should we reset the board game?🎶

Xoxo, Yetti

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