People are not always who they say they are or what they seem to be. I think everyone learns that at some point in their lives whether it be from a shitty significant other, family member, or so called friend. But, what if this person were a neurosurgeon?

Luckily, I don’t have any brain surgeries scheduled with a self proclaimed doctor I met at the strip club. I was on a podcast bender for awhile. Dr. Death and Dirty John were two that just confirmed all my pre existing trust issues.

Why was this guy lying to me though? He gave me a name and told me to look him up. Google search gave me a name and an accurate description, but a completely different face. Not to mention, brown eyes instead of blue. What the fuck. Do you think he’s a bored pathological liar or do you think some political gang is now trying to use my blog as a way to put hits out on people?

That’s the last thing I need; mention a name and get framed for a murder I had no idea about. Do you see where my mind goes though? Forgive me, my boyfriend has been watching Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. Couldn’t there be slices of truth in these fictional scenarios though? I find it hard to believe someone just comes up with such elaborate stories without drawing any inspiration from personal experience. What do you think?

Want to know what I think? Beware of men professing love. Especially, men who profess love and also want to offer you a huge piece of meat. I learned that from a man who visited Morocco and didn’t believe in sex trafficking.

Xoxo, Yetti

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