Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery

For the next year, I will be taking you to a new hotel in New Orleans, LA every month. Don't you love visiting hotels? I sure do. The thing I love most about any hotel are the sheets. There's nothing like sliding into fresh sheets with not a single wrinkle on them! Seriously. I always joke to myself that if I was ever a housewife, I'd iron the sheets. Maybe that's the key to a happy marriage. Who knows! I've never been married.

On this hotel journey, I'm going to be selecting places that appeal to those with an artistic eye or simply an appreciation for the esthetically pleasing. I think we can all agree, after running through so many Best Western's or Motel 6's it's refreshing to walk into a room that stands out sometimes. Who wants something that's exactly the same all the time? Not me.

That brings us to our first spot. The Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery was chosen on look and price. This place had an art gallery inside! Note, I booked this through and paid no more than $100 to stay here on a Monday night. YES, I stayed in a hotel with a bar, restaurant, fitness center, valet, and room service for $86.33. Typically, I find that you can normally get better deals on rooms anywhere on Sundays or Mondays.

I should have kept that menu so I could actually spell out what I ordered from room service, but alas I have failed you. Ha! I even failed the associate taking my order. I was quickly corrected on my pronunciation. I don't mind because I don't claim to be the fanciest girl in the world, but prep yourself people. You might need Google for that one. The food did not disappoint though. I can't stop thinking about these fried banana balls with like Nutella stuff in the middle and caramel dipping sauce. WOW! I needed a good workout after that treat for sure... where were you? LOL! ;)

What really caught my attention was the cute little voodoo doll keychain for sale with some of the room goodies. She had a spear in her hand like she was ready to fight and WIN! I wanted to take her with me, and for only $5 I couldn't say no. Maybe it will bring me more good luck, what do you think? I should have tested it out at Barcadia next door, but I didn't get around to it. Barcadia is an adult arcade with you guessed it... a bar!

What did get really lucky though was the toilet. I sat all over that thing like we were old friends. No really, I had to pee a lot. I was feeling kinda sick so I drank TONS of coffee.. more than I normally would. I don't think you are complaining though.

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