As predicted, my bird has died. It hurt so very badly. By this, I mean my YouTube channel. My account was recently suspended. Although I’ll miss the songs, I’m using this death as a chance to start again.

I’ve decided to change platforms so I no longer have to be judged on whether my content is deemed “too sexual” or not. You can find me on ...unlike most of the other girls on OnlyFans right now, mine is completely FREE to follow.

Also, if you haven’t noticed already... I’ve done a bit of rebranding. You can call me Sister Yetti. I’ve been a spirit guide for you thus far, and now you can refer to me as a Biblical literary analyst. See for yourself! I’ll be reading the entire Bible from start to finish. You will be watching as my student. Occasionally, you will drift off into seductive day dreams in relation to the text. I’m the first to create BIBLICAL LITERARY PORN!

Some may find this offensive, but this is history. History must be expressed. History repeats itself. This is a clock. This is a circle. I hope to enlighten the world how sexuality can be expressed in oh, so many ways!

Your Sister, Yetti

Instagram & Twitter @brooyetti

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