I have been face to face with the Kaiju… then, we were strangers, suddenly? Chemtrails Over The Country Club, except… I had no idea the meat on the snack sandwiches was rotten to the core. I walk alone down the corridor in a society of rationalism. If that’s the case, you may call me Sylphide… stuck in this Blankmanesque parody. Jump over the broomstick.

They say if you want to get into a submissive’s mind and subsequently his or her wallet doing findom (financial domination), you must be proficient in the below:

-Having a narcissistic personality disorder, BPD, or DID can certainly enhance this experience too.

  1. They use your weakness against you.

  2. They are witty and ready to argue.

  3. They are persistent until they get a “Yes.”

  4. They use guilt trips.

  5. They gaslight you to create self doubt.

  6. They project their feelings onto you.

  7. They give you the silent treatment.

  8. They judge and criticize their victims.

  9. They play the victim.

Signs of Manipulation: 10-4?

If I don’t jump backwards off of a diving board on Sunday Funday, I’m surely not jumping off of a cliff into the deep blue sea. It’s when there’s songs of brunch when there is no brunch when things get bad… worse than a floby haircut. Who’s going to clean up who’s mess now?

Xoxo, Yetti

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