"Piss On You" Hit Single

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

It's crazy to me that I'm sitting here releasing a hit single, especially one with such a title. I had never been in a recording studio before this and didn't think I ever would be. It's fun doing things we never thought we would do though, isn't it?

I'll tell you who sparked this creativity. You can thank Lil B THE BASED GOD! TYBG! Lil B first contacted me on my ManyVids account. He wanted to pay for photos of me fully clothed with "I love Lil B" all over my body. I politely declined. I understand he wants to support artists and that's great, but I didn't feel like that image personally went with my brand. I didn't know anything about Lil B at that point. All I knew was that writing on myself seemed derogatory and I didn't feel like scrubbing marker off of myself for any amount of money.

Fast forward a few months, Lil B contacted me again asking me the same question. I felt offended in a way because I didn't know if I was so irrelevant he had forgotten our conversation or if he did really just want to support me that bad. I didn't understand. I told him that the only way I would write "I love Lil B" on my body is if we collaborated on a music video. I want to be portrayed in a good way just like he does. I want to be credited for my work just like any artist would.

I've since read up on Lil B. I think he is a marketing genius. I really do respect what he has done to build a name for himself. You'll notice on my cover, I wrote "I love myself" on my body. I do love and respect myself. I can love and respect what Lil B has done, but how can I love a stranger? I want to be clear that this project was not intended to insult Lil B, but to earn his respect. I was truly inspired by him and because of him I did something I never would have done otherwise. TYBG! I hope we can work together in the future.

Listen to my song here:

Xoxo, Yetti #badgalpeepee "Body like Rihanna, but she not Rihanna."

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