Pontchartrain Hotel

New Orleans is rich in history and so is The Pontchartrain Hotel, even down to the room keys! That's right. Upon check in, you are given a real key instead of all that card reading electronic bullshit. It kinda makes you feel like you are about to experience something you never have before or history is about to repeat itself. Déjà vu is how I would describe it.

The night was definitely interesting. I'm using these hotel rooms primarily to shoot content for my adult website, but after shooting two albums and videos I had enough and I told my boyfriend to come fuck me. His efforts to be responsible and try to convince me to finish my work first resulted in me slapping him and him leaving me there by myself for the evening. Only, I don't know how Déjà vu that is because I've never slapped someone and had them calmly leave before. I guess that's what a normal, loving relationship looks like. He agreed to keep me around if I got on some type of mental medication for my passionate outbursts.

Everything leading up to that moment was spectacular though. The rooftop bar is called "Hot Tin" and gives you the perfect view of the city. Iconic restaurant "Jack Rose" is closed on Monday so unfortunately we did not get to eat there as we had wanted to, but I did get the picture with Lil Wayne that I've been wanting. There is a portrait of Lil Wayne by my favorite New Orleans artist, Ashley Longshore, located in their "Livingroom" area.

You can check out more of her work here:

For all of that excitement at only $124.56, I feel like I got a deal. However, I really let my pee fans down this month. For that, I'm truly sorry. I didn't get a whole album and uncensored video on the toilet at The Pontchartrain because my night was a bloody mess. Forgive me, next time I'm not bringing my boyfriend on a work trip. He’s too sexually distracting.

Xoxo, Yetti

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