Q & C Hotel

Someone told me this is where all the lawyers hang out when they come into town. It's right across from the court house. Interestingly enough, the hotel is divided between two different buildings. I was lucky. My room was in the main building with the bar.

I did something different this trip. @misscoragrove joined me to collaborate on some content. She is a professional dominatrix. We are going to be poking fun at you a lot on this month. (foot fetish and small penis humiliation)

We split the cost of the $129.98 room on a Wednesday evening. The room was very small, but nice. If I wouldn't have been trying to set up camera equipment from all different angles, I wouldn't have cared. Work trips, yes. Film, no.

Currently, there are a bunch of trial lawyers in town. I met one last night and couldn't help but think about Cora. I'll tell you why. The lawyer says to me, "You know, lawyers, doctors, strippers.. we are all alike. My wife is beautiful like you, perfect. It doesn't matter though. All I love is the chase. I'm a bad person." At some point, I even thought he gently hinted at a fetish for murdering the women he's chased that weren't lucky enough to become his wife. Also, he invited me to his hotel. I obviously didn't go.

My mind went back to Cora though because she dates a circus performer. Well, it's an open relationship. They both have several partners. I gathered, her current favorite was him though. He's a professional escape artist. Cora is like a genius too. Cyber security queen. She could hack your computer if she wanted to. I thought that was the coolest thing.

I think old lawyer guy had a point. Lawyers, doctors, and adult entertainers can all be very multidimensional. Each with different desires, skills, and image they would like to portray to the world.

Xoxo, Yetti

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