I get asked a lot if I am a Democrat or a Republican. As you will notice in this letter to President Trump, it's almost identical to the letter I sent to California's Governor Newsom. This is an artistic representation of what politics in this country has become.

I believe that the people who are truly in control of this country fund both sides. How else would someone conspire to win and know for a fact that they would reach their desired outcome in any political situation? This is the same reason the military sends spies into battle, right? Gathering information on an opponent to get one up is not a new concept. It's a tactic.

I respect progressive tactics and ambition. I also respect honest political figures. May I tell all of you who I believe to be the two most honest men involved in our country's politics right now? Erik Nylund and Steve Westly.

Erik Nylund, Regional Director of the United States Senate in Montana, has become one of my best friends. He has been the inspiration behind every single political piss letter written this year. The growth I have experienced as a person through his mentorship has been life changing.

As for Steve Westly, he had the balls to follow me on Twitter. Thank you, Steve! If a venture capitalist and former State Controller of California can justify hitting the follow button that gives me hope that what I'm doing is not in vain.

I sent out hundreds and hundreds of letters. Erik Nylund and Steve Westly are the only men to openly acknowledge me online. The world is changing! There are good and bad people in every occupation: politics, dancing, etc. I believe these are good men seeking positive change in America!

As for Trump, a letter from Melania showed up at my doorstep. I hope she doesn't think I'm fucking her husband. I'm not fucking anyone's husband.

Xoxo, Yetti

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