Ring of Fire.

The #RingOfFire solar eclipse coincides with #SummerSolstice June 21, 2020. The theme is the goose. I have the feathers now. They came to me by sand and water. I emptied my holy water into the lake. I am ready.

I found a yellow mushroom. Again, a type of mushroom I’ve never seen before in my life. I know that wild mushrooms are poisonous, but something in me wanted to eat it... badly. Sometimes, I think it’s healthy to act on emotional impulse. The world thinks I’m emotionally impulsive, but I’m not... I’m actually quite practical and calculated most of the time. I took a bite today. If I fall sick, fuck it. I needed the medication.

I’m in the rabbit hole and I can’t get out because I’m attached to an anchor. I have the strength to see clearly. I’ll keep you updated on my health. I’m with the goose. I’m at the lake. The feathers are mine.

Xoxo, Yetti

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