Governor John Bel Edwards has been ignoring my letters. Little does he know, strippers are much like politicians. Our relationships evolve based upon common goals.

I decided to perform a ritual, ensuring that the future will go exactly how I want it to with or without his support. Pees on Earth is important and so is New Orleans. If I have to piss in a cup to prove it then damnit, I will! The people can't take it anymore.

The Real Strippers Of The Big Easy have been so stressed by the sewage infrastructure issues that it's causing havoc in our work environment.

1. Two of these girls shoulder checked each other.

2. Two of these girls are best friends.

3. Two of these girls don't understand the other.

4. Two of these girls have amazing chemistry.

Have you ever seen havoc like this in American politics? There's havoc everywhere! This ritual I performed will aid in Louisiana, California, and Washington DC reaching a pees agreement. This is the beginning of the Republican and Democratic parties seeing eye to eye and will cause a trickle effect into the area's strip club bathrooms, where fights had previously been breaking out in secrecy.

The download from the universe involves four different symbols.

1. The Panther

2. The Jack of Diamonds

3. The Tiger

4. The Psychic

All is not what it seems. There is no right or wrong answer. Perception is in the eye of the beholder. Let's choose the path to greater good.

View the full ritual here:

Xoxo, Yetti

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