What if everything I told you was a lie? What if the story line I’ve given to you and everyone else since 2012 was an intricate outline I created in an effort to make myself look better than I actually am? It’s regurgitated. You’re right. You’re the only one I haven’t fooled.

I always made straight A’s. Always. I received a full ride scholarship to The University of Texas at Austin. That’s when my highschool sweetheart dumped me. Anytime I’d contact him after that, his only response was “Please leave me alone.”

I didn’t understand back then, but he was actually showing me the purest form of love you can show someone; a desire for them to grow into the best version of themselves. He led a rough life. In his mind, I was better off without him.

In September 2009 he disappeared from the face of the Earth. I never went to college, my tinctures consumed me, and I’ll never know if he’s dead or alive.

Nobody understood the mechanics of a car like he did. I didn’t need a Mercedes though. I would have taken a Honda happily from that greasy Rudolph.

Xoxo, Yetti

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