I don’t ever have bad dreams. Last night I had a nightmare. Well, I don’t know if you’d call it that. I don’t wake up in horror. My eyes open in calm acceptance.

I was in someone’s basement. He was giving me a tour. It was like a science lab; the shelves lined with jars of body organs in a dimly red lit room. Female organs. The dream ended with him saying to me, “I want to see if your heart is like all the rest.”

I’m awake and still trying to figure this guy out. What did these women do? How did I get there? Why wasn’t I restrained? What happened to this guy? Are his motives and actions emotionally, sexually, scientifically, or politically driven? Can I make a right choice or is my destiny a jar?

All of this is going through my head as I’m smiling and nodding at my neighbor and taking my dog out to pee. Then, six black birds fly across the sky. What does this mean?

Depending on the culture, black birds can be a sign of good news or a bad omen. Since there were six, I’m going to gather that there is a loving, caring nature underlying. Both symbols have strong ties to family. They are intelligent and guard those they choose to mentor.

You listen to music and keep secrets. I’m not like the rest. I’ll tell you a secret. I don’t have a pee fetish. I’ve completely manipulated the community to gain a following, and one day I’m just going to stop peeing. Because that’s the right thing to do right? Break hearts to protect yourself from being broken again? That only works temporarily.

Your life mission is to stop seeing the world through rose colored lenses. Until you understand this aspect of yourself, you will keep being reborn into this endless cycle. Love, hate, cupid, devil. Salvation is in your calm acceptance.

Xoxo, Yetti

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