Sneaker Politics

Exactly a year ago, I bought these shoes from Sneaker Politics after the end of a basic friendship with a politician. That's what any girl does in a time of distress, right? She goes shopping.

Hurt feelings and hard work led to where I'm standing right now; in the face of Politics once again. This time, I'm here to rally up support for my cause with a smile on my face. UP NEXT NOLA isn't ready for what's next!

I have put together a letter proposing a solution to the drainage/flooding issues in New Orleans and I have mailed it to 158 elected government officials in the State of Louisiana. Some letters are personally signed, some are not. This is RARE COLLECTIBLE YETTI ART. This is the beginning of a historical movement. To listen to me read this letter, click the following link:

Xoxo, Yetti

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