I finally have you all to myself. It’s very difficult getting you alone, you know. Yet, here I am with you in your most vulnerable position. I’m sitting on your face. You’re gentle. My gentle giant. I revel in getting what I want for quite some time, but suddenly it’s not enough.

As quickly as I melt in your arms, I also want to punish you. You made me wait for this too long. I wanted you and only you; you pushed me away time and time again. I’m going to show you who’s boss. As my wet pussy glides up and down your lips, I decide to pee into your nose. Watching you momentarily choke and try to catch your breath amuses me and gives me the feeling of power over you that you have denied me in the past. How dare you.

I should have known crossing you in any way would end badly. A surge of anxiety goes through me as I sit and wonder what your cold stare means. You grab each of my arms and throw me off of you. As you tower over me, you snatch my hair up and bend me over. You whisper in my ear, “You don’t get to deny me that little asshole tonight, bitch.”

Your big, hard cock enters me in that unthinkable place. The worst part is, I enjoy being put in my place. As you pound away at my raw ass, I cry and accept defeat.

That’s when I get to see my gentle giant again; after you have made it clear who the punisher is. You go slower, kissing my neck and comforting me with a sweet “shhh.” As I let out one last whimper, you cum inside me, slap my ass, and tell me that I have to go.

I have a complete melt down at the thought of being without you again. You revel in my psychological dependence on you; my addiction to you. Silently, you lay down without saying another word. I lay down next to you; arms and legs wrapped around your leg like the dog at your feet. That’s when I wake up. Terrified of my own mind, I run away.

Xoxo, Yetti

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