The Bible 2

Here is Eden. The garden. The water. The star. Drink, gaze, think, and make a decision. How long did you contemplate biting the apple before you actually did it? Now, look at you... alone.

The beautiful star has somehow transformed into the hermit. Why? Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat. It’s a tactic. I sit with my lantern and my stick on my porch. I’m told I’m unintelligent and crazy by everyone around me. Am I merely surrounded by idiots? I have no degree. Reflect on privilege. You’re allowed to be curious. Knowledge is power.

I came to discover the magical arts on my own. By accident, almost. I refuse to be crushed. There’s a way out. I’m going to find it. You will too.. if you haven’t already. Sexuality is a super power, and so is intuition. This bench isn’t comfortable. The deeper you dive; the darker it gets. However, one day you will have everything your heart desires if you open it and start from the bottom. This is a political movement.

This entry is dedicated to Caroline Calloway, or Caloway. I’m not sure which.

Xoxo, Yetti

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