The "E" is backwards.

Thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes. A backwards “E” is an existential quantifier. This means, there exists. Therefore, I exist.. don’t I? Fascinating.

Honestly, I’m already over the positive, bull shit mathematical science line I will receive from my instructor. "You'll need this one day." "U+2203 E" because I was never told how the fuck it would ever be useful to me. If something isn’t useful, I move on.

Imagine, being a school teacher and being told... you were one sentence away from a girl becoming a professional computer nerd. Instead, she dropped out of school and became a stripper and it turned out to be the most mentally stimulating thing she was ever exposed to. How would that make you feel? One sentence away. You failed at your job and I still won.

∃ I change lives as it is, but I want more. In my next life, I’ll be a legend piano player or a Top 40 music artist and my boyfriend will be a rebellion hacker. Together, we’ll convince the world that Siri is not their best friend and interacting with other humans is vitally necessary for survival. Sometimes, I’m in love with the hero... sometimes, the anti hero. Who are you rooting for? Choosing is always easier with a lot of wine. ∃

How am I useful to you?

Xoxo, Yetti

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