The Girl in the Spider’s Web

What is hidden in snow comes forth in the thaw. The hacker was in Stockholm, Sweden so says the map. Are all these personalities popping up simply Remy Lebeau weaving a game of chess for me to play?

My new concern is Anthony Lyme and the Egg Gang Boyz. I received an anonymous death threat on Streamate public chat.

“Blue boys blue boys whatcha gonna do watcha gonna do when the gang puts a hit on you.”

How about just asking me a pointed question? I’ll give you an answer, but I don’t even know the answers. All I have is a web weaved by another. I can’t even locate the spider.

I woke up surrounded by 15 chalupas from Taco Bell. I don’t even remember going to Taco Bell. Who doesn’t fucking remember being hungry? I didn’t do this. Someone is playing a trick on me. Some Japanese rope bondage bullshit. This is clever. Very clever!

I don’t have time for this. I still plan on running for President in 2024. Everyone can stop wearing masks in October 2024. A guy with a boner told me that. I learn a lot on live cam! Now, back to business. Out with the Egg Gang and their Japanese taco tricks and IN with The Hermit Crab Foundation. I’m going to be starting The Hermit Crab Foundation. Yes, it’s true. I rang the bell, but only a fool would kill me.

Xoxo, Yetti

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