The Osmonds - One Bad Apple

As I have a lunacy attack to the 9th degree of lunatickery, I scream viciously in my head as I text these words to one of many anonymous accounts, “On my FBI file can you clarify that when I say I’m going to blow up the Illuminati I mean with my mind, not with a physical bomb. Ok, thank you. I’ll be back.” Synchonic or Synchronic time travel?

Be a Happy Bunny. Do you see the chief tattoo on his arm? Larry Hoover’s code word, This is 2 1/2 hours long. You are the most dramatic person I’ve ever not met. This fucking sign outside this building says Sonny & Cher… on Sunset Strip!

  • Cheryl LaPiere

  • Cher Bono

  • Cherilyn Sarkisian La Piere

  • Bono Allman


Branch-on-Need Octree (tree data structure)

SHARE. “She went to the devil and all there was was weed,” they sang. I’m just spouting nonsense that catches my attention from the movie The Doors. All I got in response was, “That looks like the murdering Phil Specter.”

  • He roleplayed mom fucking on stage, wow. That really happened.. around the 40 minute mark. This was all very well documented and I’m assuming all of this did in fact happen because it’s in the movie. Dead at 27… like a founding member of the 27 club. Andy Warhol gave him a gold phone that he could talk to god with so, although it seems it didn’t work, he still fucked a witch. Check your clock, check your calendar. This is your thing. Now, he’s throwing furniture and hanging out a window, blah blah.. seriously.. as foreplay.. because, she walked away. Testing bounds of reality and preferring to be hated. Wow. He’s holding a fucking FEATHER! Everyone was high so many might try to discredit all of this, but the truth is that Jim Morrison admitted to having the soul of a clown. He said a lot of things though.. he even pissed inside of a bar. A drunk that apparently did fine because of his raw brilliance. His heart didn’t stop when she tried to stab him.. in fact, it throbbed. He stomped her duck and shut her in the closet and set it on fire, but she still was madly in love. Somehow.. because probably.. nothing to him was about the money.. it was about using the music to break through. The man is at the door!

“You said you loved pain, but you run from it every chance you get,” I said with my golden mic. Get together one more time. Adolf Hitler is alive and well and living or dead in Miami, but I got smart and moved to California. To be honest, I didn’t even recall Ophelia.. dog and cat. As some would say, duly noted. DOI. Hypnotic, Netflix. Then, my mind goes back to a dentist chair.. not a therapist’s. Was this Ted Nugent’s doing or someone else’s? What tree did I climb? What tree did we climb? How do we get down? Look at all these cats. Look at all these people. Look at Satan.

Xoxo, Yetti

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