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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

This morning I received a phone call from (504) 522-5400. The man behind the phone reminded me of something out of a movie. He had a nice accent. Although, I couldn't quite pin point if it was British or Australian. His feathers seemed very ruffled. By that, I mean he was extremely upset. He claimed to be the President of The Saint Hotel.

My "Piss On You" music video was the source of all his current problems. Apparently, such a thing did NOT belong on YouTube. He wanted it removed.

When I was searching for a videographer for this project, I initially spoke with @sushi_shenron (Instagram) about being a part of it. He gave me advice to OK it with the hotel before proceeding because he informed me that some hotels don't particularly like filming to be done inside. I heeded the advice and called the hotel to ask. The front desk transferred me to the sales department. I told them that I had an adult website and I was considering getting the Lucifer Suite, but I wanted to make sure filming was OK. I was informed that filming within the walls of your room was fine. Any professional filming done outside of the room, however, would be $50 an hour.

The President asked for my address. I'm assuming I'll get some letter from an attorney on retainer attempting to intimidate me into just removing the video. Facts are facts though. A customer should NOT be held responsible for the poor decisions of a staff member. Imagine if I would have actually recorded a porno! LMAO. I paid over $1,600 for a room with the specific purpose of recording this and $1200 for @beechglass (Instagram) to record it. Also, I'm making NO money off of this video. The only thing that they can do is prevent me from ever making money off of it because their logo is visible and I'm fully aware of this. If they ask me to remove a free video from a social media account, that is an act of DISCRIMINATION. I believe that is quite more offensive than a girl being silly and dancing around half naked in their Lucifer Suite. So OFF BRAND, right? I'm not going down without a fight.

Xoxo, Yetti #JusticeForYetti

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