Total Recall - the old one.

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Someone shot me with a taser except I don’t remember anything. All I know is that ever since I’ve been frantically preparing for the Full Corn Moon. Actually, it’s been in action even before that. I blame The Mad Butcher. He’s sort of like the Mad Hatter except if I don’t comply, he’ll kill me. I even had to ignore the white rabbit for an entire week.

I’ll start the story from the day I broke the golden key during a succubus summoning ritual. You have to understand the meaning of that key; the emotions that key invoked. I never got a Penthouse key. I bought my own. I designed a bridge to burn for the purpose of harvesting energy. Step 1, check.

I hung the key somewhere significant outdoors before tropical storm Marco was scheduled to come inland; a place of love. Breath of the Wild! On site, I found a blue pen “Staples Icebreaker” ..a verification from the universe. The icebreaker is key. Without washing this pen, I brought myself to orgasm with it and immediately wrote a poem on a napkin that was gifted to me.

It’s funny, when I unfolded the napkin to write on it.. I had forgotten that I put the baby dragonfly I found in my sink so long ago inside of it. I was surprised how well the dead insect held its color; still fresh and green looking. When I awoke from my nap, Marco had been broken.

I took a bath later that day. I dropped a treasure bath bomb in my tub. The prize inside was a toy diamond. My boyfriend lit a Mother Mary candle for me. I never blew that candle out; it burned until it was finished burning. It went out just in time for Hurricane Laura, actually. I put the cup outside and collected the rain water. Chaos. I put the rain water in an old wine bottle “Prayers of Saints.” I put chaos in a bottle and New Orleans was safe from two possible threats.

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. I have controlled all the elements. Tempestarii. Zelda. Everyday is MY BIRTHDAY! Bastet visited me at 3am today. Deja vu; there’s a glitch in the system. The matrix has you with loving intent. Is this corny? Tell Kanye to contact my Daddy from the nearest pay phone... if he can find him.

Xoxo, Yetti

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