What is a Based God?

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Originally, I started by premiering "Tit Talk Tuesday" on my YouTube channel every Tuesday at 8pm as a way to get my fans excited about a new video each week. Chatting live is a cool feature that comes with this tool. This, and a hot photoshoot is what landed me in Penthouse Magazine.

After 30 weeks of this, and an accomplishment like that; I became bored and wanted to switch things up. Evolving is important to me. That was around the time I was inspired by LIL B THE BASED GOD. He's a marketing genius. Essentially, I gathered from the photos of hot girls with "I Love Lil B" written on their bodies/feet that he was using the foot fetish community and positivity to grow his brand as big as he did. As feet were a tool for him, pissing became a tool for me. Two fetishes that can be looked down upon had been changed into something used for positive growth. The basis all people should live their life on; turning negatives into positives.

Read more about the "Based God" here:

Hence, "Saved By Based God" was born. Instead of a new topic being discussed each week in some sort of push up bra, I started to let people into more authentic aspects of my life. Primarily, being back in a relationship. It's essentially a bootleg reality show I created with iMovie. Despite the click bait, it wasn't as popular as I thought it would be.

It's interesting how sexually motivated most people are when interacting with a woman. I started to think about the feminist movement as a whole. Are women doing it all wrong trying to grab the attention of the world by not embracing their sexuality? Obviously, I have beauty and brains. Obviously, I want to be acknowledged for both. Is it truly a criminal idea to play off of ones own strengths? This is not the strength of every woman, but it's mine. Maybe the world in general should just be more open to people, both male and female, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and learning to live their best life with the tools in their box. I believe that's the first step in getting "saved" as my Southern Baptist background would call it. Stay based and blessed!

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